冰島求生記可能要改名叫《求生不得,求死不能記》,日日新鮮鑊鑊金,好難捉摸呀!|To survive in Iceland was way more challenging than I’d have thought. Life was so unexpected here.

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再一次回來分店工作,還是那位好像不太友善,擅於喃喃咒罵的人兄。來自菲律賓的他原來還是學生,20 出頭,但卻在這裡工作了兩年多,身形短少的他看來有點像年青版的曾志偉。他給了我一堆解像度不太高、A4紙編出來的黑白相,飛快的跟我說一遍從什麼地方拿什麼東西出來,然後就叫我照著相片來擺好自助餐的枱面和一應餐具。


















唔 L 係 掛!

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I was working happily in the breakfast session in the Hotel until at the end of July, the manager notified me that I would be transferred to work in another hotel of the company. Actually I had worked there to cover someone’s sick leave for half day before, so it wasn’t a completely new place to me. But still, I had to leave the people and job I was getting to know better after almost 4 weeks, that made me feel a bit uneasy.

When I reported my duty in the new hotel, I saw the same guy E, who showed me what to do last time. E has been working there for 2 years though he’s only around 20 and is still a student. He gave me few A4 size picture printouts in black and white, and told me to set the buffet table according to them.

The printouts weren’t totally clear, but after all, I had worked in another hotel and the food served in both places were almost identical. It wasn’t as chaotic as the first time I was here. Though it wasn’t perfect, I finished my task within the one hour time limit before the hotel guests flooding in for their breakfast.

After half day hard and busy work, I thought I could finally sit down to have a break. While I was enjoying my breakfast, E was complaining to another coworker how he couldn’t work as a cook anymore due to his eye’s sickness. He couldn’t endure the heat from the oven. He messaged the manager about it and after a while, he got a reply from her,

“Just let the new girl to cook from tomorrow”


This was more shocking to me than the time I had to sleep in the toilet.

Cooking is never my cup of tea. Whenever I have to cook, I just boil everything in a pot of water, no seasoning except adding some hot spicy sauce at the end. I never enjoy cooking myself. Although I had worked in a kitchen in Uruguay before, I was just a kitchen hand and the closest thing I did there that can be called cooking was frying french fries. I had zero experience in cooking in a professional kitchen. How could they just casually make someone like me to be the cook for 200 guests in a high standard hotel?

E and another coworker saw my shocking face. They suggested me to call the manager to talk about it.

“E told me that I have to cook from tomorrow but I never really cook. I don’t know how to cook at all. Could there be someone else take the job?”

I was talking so fast as I was still in shocked that the manager said

“Calm down, don’t be freaked out. The head maid will teach you how to cook tomorrow and she’ll be guiding you all the time. Everything will be alright.”

“But, but…”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be okay. You gotta give it a try first. We’ll see how thing goes after tomorrow”

Then she hanged up. I repeated what she said to E and others. Then I got another more shocking news

The head maid speaks only Lithuanian and Icelandic.

She. Does. Not. Speak. English.

You must be kidding me.

My jaw dropped to the floor.

— To be continued…

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