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  1. 護照內個人資料頁副本
  2. 護照內玻利維亞入境蓋章頁副本
  3. 入境時那張綠色入境咭副本

連同護照正本前往各主要城市(如 La Paz、Sucre)的出入境辦事處辦理延期便可,費用全免。我曾在Uyuni 辦理延期,雖然這裡不是主要城市,不過我想這裡算是主要旅遊城市,所以也一概辦理吧。



Most travellers can stay in Bolivia for maximum 90 days as a tourist but you will only be granted 30-day tourist entry if you enter the country by land. For those who want to stay longer than 30 days, you can easily extend your Bolivia tourist visa for free.

The process is simple. You need a photocopy of

  1. the photo page of your passport
  2. the entry stamp page of your passport
  3. the immigration card (the green card given to you when entering Bolivia)

Bring all these documents with your Passport to an immigration office in one of the major cities, e.g La Paz, Sucre, etc., and simply apply for your Bolivia tourist visa extension there. I did once in Uyuni which isn’t really a major city but I guess it’s a major touristic city, so they provide the service too.

You will get a 30-day extension stamp on your passport and your immigration card. If you want to have another 30-day extension, you need to do the whole thing again before your 60-day stay expires.

For anyone who overstay, you will be charged 20Bs (Oct 2015) for each day you overstay when you leave the country.