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對於時間寶貴的旅人來說,巴拉圭入不了他們的法眼,因為這裡很平淡,沒有什麼特別好看好做。走進大城好,小鎮好,每天都是吃完早餐想午餐,趁太陽未猛逛一會,然後跑進茶檔喝 terere 解暑,再回旅館仝人午睡一刻,入黑了才再出街找吃,真是怎生一個閑字了得。不過,我人閑,不喜長時間跑景點,而且能走進一個國家,認識當地友善的人,都是旅行的一種,不一定比上山下海差。


I never planned to come to Paraguay but because I want to take a new route back to Bolivia and it’ll be a bonus to see a new country, here I am in Paraguay now.

Paraguay may not be the most exciting and interesting country to travel around but its friendly and helpful locals definitely make up for this. Actually there’s a lot of nature but due to the lack of tourism and infrastructure, getting there is a big adventure itself and very costly both in time and money. For me, traveling is not always exciting, it can also be more relaxing like wandering around, drinking terere, taking siesta like a local. I enjoy here a lot even it’s just a short stay.