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Punta del Este 基本上有六至八個月是死城,旅館會關,餐廳會關,連交通燈都會關,但一踏入十二月便開始進入活躍期直至二月。這個時候阿根廷人就會蜂擁而至瘋狂渡假,最高峰的元旦時,一個背包旅館的床位可以是150美金一晚,還要爆滿!很痴線吧?但越痴線越有機,選擇活躍期來這裡的目的只有一個,就是搵工。除了打工換宿外,現在已經有一份餐廳及旅館兼職。

Punta del Este can be as quiet as a ghost town during the winter. All things are closed, including traffic lights. The whole place only becomes active from mid-Dec till Feb when the Argentinians flood in for holiday. Prices go sky-high, everything is booked, but then job opportunities are everywhere. So here I’m for job and I’ve already got a job in a restaurant apart from volunteering in the hostel.