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原本可以好簡單截順風車到150公里外的 Punta del Este,點知食完早餐得閑上網發現沿海岸線有連綿不斷的無人沙灘,就臨時決定用兩日行21公里至下條村後再截車。21公里話遠唔係太遠,但要揹晒所有13公斤既行李係沙上面行真係好嘥力,好攰。其實為什麼無端端攞苦嚟辛去行21公里?或者其他人覺得毫無意義,但這是一樣我從沒有做過的事,而且就是因為當中的困難才令我要挑戰自己。



Walking 21km on the sand along the coastline with 13kg luggage for 2 days may not sound that challenging for many people but it’s not easy for a non sportive person like me. “It’s meaningless” was my first thought cause it’s not going to save me any money as I could just hitchhike to Punta del Este. But then I realized it’s something I never did before and it’s exactly because it’s not easy for me that I should do it.

It’s like what my German friend said “Der Weg ist das Ziel”, the journey is the destination.

It was a challenge to my physical and mental strength. I may not be strong but I don’t like to surrender to my own weakness. So I did it and I’m pleased that I made it!