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Pulau Kapas(馬來語,「棉花島」之意)位於馬來西亞東海岸,在這個軟棉棉的島上,沒有擠擁人潮,沒有狂歡派對,只有寧靜如無人之境的沙灘,晚上伴隨著海浪聲入睡。。。… Continue reading →

【奇幻亞馬遜】#2 賣豬仔去 Lagunas|【Amazon Adventure】#2 Simple life in Lagunas

船泊岸時,我開始擔心會不會真的有人來接我。他們會不會收了我的錢,把我騙上船,然後賣我豬仔?|Seemed he said someone would pick me up there, but now I was left alone on a boat to a place I had only heard of it from yesterday and I had no idea what or where it was!… Continue reading →

【冰島】要離開,原來還可以坐船!|Leaving Iceland by boat

在冰島,天氣永遠都不似預期,但還是要跟舊居說聲再見,然後向東峽灣區出發,坐船逃離冰島!|Finally, I said goodbye to Iceland from the spectacular Eastfjord by boat.… Continue reading →


前面有條橋,一邊是火車軌,另一邊是行人路,你會點揀?… Continue reading →

【冰島求生記】#7 關關難過關關過|【Surviving in Iceland】#7 I survived in the kitchen

第二朝還未到六時,我便懷著驚恐的心情,再次踏進這個廚房,跟那位不會說英語的資深同事見面|I came back to the hotel kitchen early next morning and met with the head maid.… Continue reading →

【冰島求生記】#6 鑊鑊新鮮|【Surviving in Iceland】#6 You must be kidding me

冰島求生記可能要改名叫《求生不得,求死不能記》,日日新鮮鑊鑊金,好難捉摸呀!|To survive in Iceland was way more challenging than I’d have thought. Life was so unexpected here.… Continue reading →


在冰島的酒店自助早餐部工作,數數人生百態芝麻綠豆日常瑣碎事。… Continue reading →

【冰島求生記】#5 小陽春|【Surviving in Iceland】#5 Indian summer

轉工、申請冰島的身份號碼,這是我來冰島後過得最簡單和無憂的三個星期。|Changed job, applied for Icelandic ID number, it’s the most stress free time since I’m in Iceland.… Continue reading →

【冰島求生記】窮風流升級版|【Surviving in Iceland】Living for free (version 2.0)


It’s either free or very expensive to live in Iceland. I (involuntarily) chose to live here for free. But I could never imagine how I could live here for free so comfortably and could get everything I needed for … Continue reading →

【冰島求生記】#4 風雨過後 |【Surviving in Iceland】#4 After storms

日子終於平靜下來,算是捱過了當初最徬徨的時刻,但平靜的日子又可以有多久?| After the tough beginning in Iceland, we were kind of settled down and our days were finally getting peaceful and quiet. But for how long?… Continue reading →

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